Starlink Realty's Website Proposal

Date: 11/20/2019

Project Details

The website will be built with in a Platform called Webflow, which will take full advantage of its features and flexibility.

In addition to the website, we will also handle all relevant content that will go into the website. Branding creation also included.

The website will include all premium features: slideshows, graphs, contact forms, pricing sections, testimonials, and animations/interactions.

Utilizing a combination of three main languages: HTML5, CSS and, JavaScript.

This website will include these functionalities:

User Database (login/logout)

Membership Plans (Customizable)

Stripe Integration to Process Payments

User's Ability to Make Changes to: credit cards/Plans/personal info

Content management System


Project Timeline

The estimated duration of this project is forecasted to 3 weeks.

Week 1 - Branding & Content Creation & SEO

Week 2 - Website Design & Development

Week 3 - Website Adjustments & Launch


Project Budget

The total cost of this project will be U$1,495.00.

Branding & Content Creation & SEO (Keywords, phrases) - 8 Hours

Website Design & Development - 12 Hours

Functionality Testing/Adjustments & Launch - 3 Hours

raindance's hourly rate is $65.00.

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